Instander APK v18.0 Download Official for Android (2024)

Instagram stands as a premier social media platform and a major source of online amusement for me. It’s where I connect with the latest updates from beloved celebrities and influencers, diving into a world of engaging content. This platform also allows me to share snapshots of my life with friends and followers while enjoying glimpses of theirs through their stories. For those seeking enhanced functionality on Instagram, Instander APK emerges as a notable solution. This app enriches the Instagram experience with additional useful features, addressing common user needs. Its safety and security are noteworthy, including built-in anti-ban features to ensure users can enjoy modifications without fear of account suspension. Developed by Dmitry Gavrilov, Instander APK promises a superior browsing experience, free from risks and full of enjoyment.

instander APK

What is Instander APK?

Instander revolutionizes the Instagram experience for Android users by offering a modified version of the app filled with enhancements and additional functionalities. This free mod allows users to effortlessly download high-quality photos, videos, IGTV, and reels. It stands out with unique features such as ad-free browsing, the ability to copy bios, comments, and descriptions, among others. Designed specifically for Android, Instander APK is a creative Instamod that addresses common issues faced by Instagram users, offering them a more enriched experience. By logging into your Instagram account via Instander, you can bypass the limitations of the standard Instagram app, unlocking a wealth of advanced features for an unparalleled social networking experience.

App NameInstander APK
Size70 MB
InfoFor Android
Last Update1 hour Ago

Features Of Instander APK Latest Version

Enhanced Media Download Capabilities

Instander revolutionizes how users interact with media on Instagram. Whether it’s humorous vines or captivating images, the app enables easy downloading directly to your device. This feature eliminates the need for third-party downloaders and their accompanying ads, offering a streamlined experience for saving your favorite content.

Exclusive Close Friends List Functionality

Sharing content with a select group becomes effortless with Instander. Users can create a ‘Close Friends’ list, allowing for more personalized sharing of stories and posts. This feature includes options to modify the list as needed, without notifying the added or removed individuals, adding a layer of privacy to your social sharing.

Customizable Story Visibility

Instander empowers users with the ability to control who sees their stories, including live videos. This privacy feature is perfect for tailoring your audience, ensuring that your content is viewed by those you deem appropriate.Addressing the challenge of unwanted interactions, Instander allows users to manage who can reply to their messages. This function ranges from allowing everyone to reply, to restricting replies entirely, providing control over your social interactions.

Automatic Story Archiving

Space constraints on devices are no longer an issue with Instander’s ‘Save Story to Archive’ feature. It automatically saves content to your archive, reducing the need for physical storage on your device and enhancing privacy. Instander gives users the power to control how their content is shared. From disabling the option for others to share your feed posts in their stories, to deciding whether your content can be shared as messages, this feature puts sharing power in your hands.

Ad-Free Browsing Experience

Users enjoy an uninterrupted browsing experience on Instander, free from the clutter of sponsored ads. This feature enhances the focus on the content that truly matters to you. The app expands your horizons with a wide array of content categories like DIY, travel, food, and art. IGTV and other sections become portals to a world of diverse and trending videos.

Privacy-Oriented Analytics and Crash Reporting

Instander allows users to opt-out of analytics for a more private experience. Additionally, crash report submissions help in refining the app, ensuring a smooth user experience. For those who value discretion, Ghost Mode offers several settings to remain unseen, from hiding typing status to viewing stories anonymously, and even reading messages without marking them as read.

Superior Quality for All Media

This feature ensures that all forms of media, be it IGTV, photos, reels, or stories, are of the highest quality, counteracting Instagram’s typical compression. Enhancing user interaction, Instander includes smart gestures like swipe navigation, photo zooming, and double-tap liking, with options to disable them if preferred. Small yet significant features like full-screen stories, in-app browsers, auto-playing videos, and customizable story cropping enrich the overall experience on Instander.

Unique Verification for Supporters

Users who contribute to the development of Instander can receive a special supporter verification badge, visible to fellow app users, as a token of appreciation. Instander facilitates new connections by allowing users to discover and follow people from their contact list, potentially leading to meaningful interactions and discoveries.

What is the Difference Between Clone and UNClone?

The Clone and UnClone versions of the app, both crafted by the same developer, offer identical features. The key difference lies in their package names, a crucial aspect that enables users to install two versions of Instagram on a single Android device.

Clone Version

The Clone version is identified by its unique package name, This distinct identity allows it to be installed independently on your device, functioning as a separate application without interfering with the existing Instagram app.

UnClone Version

On the other hand, the UnClone version carries the package name com.insta. This version requires the removal of the original Instagram app from your device before installation. The UnClone version is designed to replace the standard Instagram app, providing the same enhanced features but necessitating its exclusive presence on your smartphone for optimal performance.

Steps to Download and Install Instander APK

  1. Prepare Your Device:
    • Before you begin, navigate to your phone’s settings.
    • Look for the option that allows installations from unknown sources and activate it. This step is crucial as Instander APK needs to be installed outside of the Google Play Store.
  2. Choosing Your Preferred Version:
    • Instander comes in two variants – the Unclone and Clone versions. Select the one that best suits your needs.
    • Visit the provided link to download the Instander APK file of your chosen version.
  3. Installation Process:
    • Once the download is complete, locate and tap on the APK file.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the installation.
  4. Setting Up the Application:
    • After installing, open Instander and log into your account.
    • The app will request certain permissions, such as access to your device’s storage and camera. Grant these permissions to ensure the app functions correctly.
  5. Enjoy Enhanced Instagram Experience:
    • You’re all set! Now, you can enjoy the enhanced features and functionalities of this modified Instagram version.

Final Words

Instander APK stands out as a complimentary and enhanced version of Instagram, offering an array of features that go beyond what the standard app provides. This mod keeps you connected with friends, family, and the global community, allowing you to engage with your preferred content, keep up with celebrities, athletes, and influencers, partake in business endeavors, and share snippets of your life with the world. Its unique selling points include the capability to download videos, images, IGTV, and stories, alongside options for personalizing your profile and other additional functionalities.


What is Instander?

FAQ Instander is a modified version of the popular social media app Instagram. It offers additional features and functionalities not available in the standard version of Instagram. Final Words

Is Instander available on the Google Play Store?

FAQ No, Instander is not available on the Google Play Store due to its nature as a modified app. It can be downloaded from external sources via its APK file. Final Words

How do I download and install Instander?

To download Instander, you need to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ in your device’s settings to allow installation of apps outside the Google Play Store. Then, download the Instander APK from a reliable source and follow the installation instructions.

Are there different versions of Instander available?

Yes, Instander typically comes in two versions: the Unclone version, which replaces the original Instagram app, and the Clone version, which can run alongside the standard Instagram app.

Is it safe to use Instander?

As with any third-party app, there is a risk associated with using Instander, particularly regarding data privacy and security. It is advisable to download it from a trusted source and be aware of the permissions it requests.

What are some key features of Instander?

Instander includes features like ad-free browsing, the ability to download photos, videos, and stories, increased privacy options, and more customization capabilities.

Will using Instander affect my Instagram account?

There is always a potential risk of account suspension when using modified apps like Instander. Users should be cautious and aware of Instagram’s terms of service.

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